ITI Practical Use of Depth Gauges in Accurate Measurement

NCVT MIS ITI Fitter Practical Explore the world of precision measurement with our comprehensive guide. Discover the importance of accurate depth gauges in critical machining tasks and learn essential safety practices for precise and reliable measurements. Master the art of achieving consistency and quality with our professional depth gauge practical, designed to elevate your expertise … Read more

ITI Fitter Practical Measurement with Vernier Caliper

Explore the concept of measuring with Vernier calipers in this practical guide. Learn how to use the caliper, determine zero error, and accurately measure length, diameter, and thickness. Enhance your measurement skills and understand the importance of precision in obtaining accurate results. Discover the versatility of Vernier calipers and their applications in various fields. Measurement … Read more

ITI Practical: Measuring Wire and Cable Dia With Micrometer Gauge

Micrometers are a very Important measuring tool for ITI candidates for ITI Practical Examination, In this practical, we will study the correct method of measuring the diameter of different types of wires and cables with the help of a micrometer (screw gauge) and understand its measurement with formula and through a chart. Table of Content … Read more