Workshop Calculation and Science

ITI Most Important Mechanical units

Most Important Mechanical Units of Physics for Workshop calculation and Electrician trade theory Bharat skills ( Mass, Velocity, Acceleration, force etc.) this topic the most important topic for the NCVT ITI Examination & DGT Mechanical Units Mass (द्रव्यमान) किसी पदार्थ का द्रव्यमान उसमें उपस्थित द्रव की मात्रा है द्रव्यमान का मात्रक किलोग्राम में तथा इसे[…]

ITI Workshop Calculation and Science (WCS) online test

ITI Workshop Calculation and Science Online Mock Test For All ITI Trades Candidate Most Important 25 Question for ITI NCVT and SCVT online MCQ Quiz 1. 1 मील बराबर होता है Ans :- (3) 1760 Yard 2. एक ग्रास में कुल आइटमो की संख्या होती है Ans :- (3) 144 3. 1.75 Inch Equal To[…]

Supplementary Quantities and their Units

Supplementary quantities and their units a Most Important Topic for ITI Workshop Calculation and Science according to NCVT MIS NIMI Pattern to physic for ITI workshop calculation & science In this chapter, we will understand the unit and its symbol of the area, volume, density, speed, acceleration, etc., as well as we will also know[…]

Workshop calculation and science ITI Electrician 1st Year

ITI workshop calculation and science ITI Electrician 1st Year (WC&S) Most Important Question paper Syllabus PDF ITI Question Bank WC&S for 1 Years Candidate in Hindi with Answer NCVT ITI Q1. 1000 liters is equal to how many gallons? (1000 लीटर कितने गैलन के बराबर होता है?)= Ans :- (4) None of these (264.172[…]

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