Supplementary Quantities and their Units

Supplementary quantities and their units a Most Important Topic for ITI Workshop Calculation and Science according to NCVT MIS NIMI Pattern to physic for ITI workshop calculation & science

In this chapter, we will understand the unit and its symbol of the area, volume, density, speed, acceleration, etc., as well as we will also know how many watts are there in 1 horsepower (HP) or 1 British horse power (BHP), etc. We will tell you about all types of units.

Supplementary Quantities and their Units
Sr. NoQuantityUnitsSymbols
1AreaSquare meterm2
2VolumeCubic meterm3
3Densitykilogram per cubic meterKg/m3
4Speedmeter per secondm/s
5Accelerationmeter per square secondm/s2
6ForcenewtonN (Kg m/s2)
7Moment of Forcenewton meterNm
8Pressure, Stressnewton per square meterN/m2
9Work, Energy HeatjouleJ (Nm)
10PowerWattW (J/s)
12TemperatureDegree Celsius°C
13Specific heat capacityJoule per kilogram degree CelsiusJ/kg °C
14Electric ( Tension )VoltV
15Potential differenceVoltV

Some Most Important units

11 BHP ( British horse Power )746 Watt
550 foot Ponds per Second
21 HP735.5 Watt = 75 Kg meter per second
31 Watt1 Newton-meter/second
41 Watt1 Joule/second
51 Kilowatt1.3595 HP (Metric)
61 Kilowatt1.3404 BHP
71 Kilowatt Per Hours3600000 Volt Per Ampere Per Second
81 Kilowatt Hours3600000 Joule
91 Cubic foot Per Second22428 Gallon per Hours
101 Kilometer Per Hours5/18 Meter per Second
111 Foot-Pond0.1383 Kilogram-meter
121 meter per second18/5 kilometer per hours
131 foot per second1.09728 Kilometer per hours
141 Calorie4.187 Joule
151 Watt1 Volt Ampere
161 Joule107 erg
171 Newton105 Dyne
181 Watt1 Joule per second
191 Watt1 Newton meter per second
201 Kilogram9.81 Newton
211 Newton meter1 Joule
221 Kilogram meter9.81 Joule