Important Engineering Drawing Symbols Graphics

Engineering Drawing Symbols for Drawing Students according to BIS Rule 46-2003 all symbol used in all types technical drawing Sector Like – Engineering Diploma ITI etc. this Symbols also used for Engineering Graphics.

Engineering Drawing Symbols

Rivet Joints Convection Symbols

DescriptionView in Drawing1st Angle3rd Angle
Rivet or Bolt to fit on site
Rivet General
Rivet Countersunk on Back Side
Rivet Countersunk on Front Side
Rivet Countersunk on Back & Front Side
Bolt General
Bolt to Distinguish from the Rivet
Bolt Place of Nut Indicated
Bolt Head countersunk inside on back side
Bolt Head countersunk inside on Front side

Convention brake Line Symbol

The rods, shafts, channels, tubes and pipes of different sizes of the same cross-section have been shown to be shortened so that objects of greater length can be easily explained in a small space for the full length.

Rectangular Section
Round Section
Pipe or Tubing
Pipe or Tubing
Wood Rectangle Section
Rolled Section
Channel Section

Convection of Material Symbol

Materials NameConvention or Symbol
Steel Cast Iron Copper and its alloys Aluminium and its alloys
Lead Zinc Tin White Metal
Brass Bronze Gun Metal
Porcelain Stone Ware Marble Slate
Asbestos Fiber Felt Synthetic Resin Product Paper Cork Linoleum Rubber Leather Wax Insulating and Filling Material
Wood Plywood
Brick Work Masonry Fire Bricks
Water Oil Petrol Kerosene
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