Scale MCQ Mock Test

Scale is a very important chapter for all types of CTS CITS, two or three questions from scale must come in every exam, here we have brought you a collection of MCQ mock tests of some important questions of scale, hope these sets will be helpful for you. Will help you a lot in the … Read more

Projection MCQ Mock Test

In the Projection chapter of ITI, we talk about the most important chapter of ITI, here we provide a mock test collection of all types of objective questions related to isometric orthography which can be asked in the exam. Engineering Drawing Chapter Wise More MCQ

Line and Lettering MCQ Mock Test

Cross-section line, hatching line, dotted line, etc. It is very important to know about lines in engineering drawing MCQ Mock Test. We have displayed all the important types of lines here through the picture, as well as four options have been given, out of which one option is correct. This mock test is for ITI … Read more

Plane Geometrical Construction MCQ Mock Test

In plane geometry composition, we understand different types of angles and their properties. In this chapter, we will solve mock tests about all types of angles, circles, and all the elements related to them. We will try to solve all the important questions in this chapter. will do Engineering Drawing Chapter Wise More MCQ