Most Important ITI Fitter Welding Symbols Chart

ITI Fitter Very Most Important Welding Symbols Chart for ITI Fitter theory and Engineering Drawing PDF for NIMI CBT Examination all Symbols are Important.

Fitter Welding Symbols Chart

Type Welding Sectional Representation
Single Bevel Butt Weld with board Root Face
Butt Weld between flanged Plates
(Flanges melted down completely)
Single- J butt weld
Single V butt weld with board root face
Single V butt weld
Plug weld (Circular or Elongated hold, completely filled)
Square butt Weld
Spot Weld (Resistance or Arc Welding or projection weld)
Single bevel butt Weld
Flat (Flush) single-V butt weld
Fillet weld
Concave fillet weld
Backing or sealing run
Flat (Flush) single V butt weld with flat backing run
single butt weld
Convex double V butt weld
Seam weld

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