COPA Online MCQ Set 4

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COPA Mock Test Set 4

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The internal users of an organization are

In the Visual Basic for Applications, RAD stands for

It is helpful when you simply want to know if the value is present in a table or not

What is the full form of C2B?

what is the full form of BSP?

what occurs when a company organisation, or group sends its bills over the internet, and customers pay the bills electronically?

The potential period of loan to a card holder is ______ days

It is a Stored Procedure that is fired when a table is modified

_______ is a formal and chronological record of financial transactions before their values are accounted for in the general ledger.

A JavaScript language attribute should be:

This operator returns TRUE if at least one of the operands evaluate to true

Event-driven languages are:

In the Tally voucher screen, recalls the last narration, by pressing

It is used for lengthy text and numbers

Which are the standard prefixes for the text box and label controls respectively?

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COPA Mix MCQ Mock Test