ITI COPA Online MCQ Test Set 5

ITI COPA online MCQ Mock Test Mix Question Answer for CBT Examination According to Latest CTS DGT Syllabus 2023 Online Mock Test MCQ. In This Sets Most Important Questions Collection for CBT Exam.

COPA Mock Test Set 5

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which symbol indicates the point at which the algorithm begins or terminates?

which statement is used to immediately start the next iteration of the loop and skip the remaining code block?

separate books are maintained for cash receivables and payables in

In Tally which key is used for configuration?

In Tally, Which key is used for the Purchase Voucher?

The flashing vertical bar is known as

All data in a relational database is stored in

Which is not a common control event?

what is the area of the web store called that is accessed by visitor to get the online shop?

which machines are used to connect to those services on the internet?

Which of the following is not part of the IDE:

_______ is the programming language that defines and manipulates the database

In excel the intersection of a row and a column is called a

The intersection of a row and column is called

The char data type allows the maximum size of up to _____ characters.

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COPA Mix MCQ Mock Test

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