ITI COPA NIMI Mock Test Set 3

NIMI Mock Test Trade COPA Online Mix Question answer MCQ Mock Test for ITI CBT Examination all questions are most important for COPA CBT Examination

COPA Mock Test Set 3

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what is the size of the payment cards?

which of the following variable names are valid

which cards cannot be used for cash withdrawal?

you can re-use and re-arrange text in your word document with the _________feature

to make the text object enter with an effect choose _________ animation

This operator returns TRUE if at least one of the operands evaluate to true

To Select text one character right press

To add new slide to the presentation press

In the voucher screen, to create a new ledger, press

In real account whatever comes in is

A field name can have maximum upto _______ characters

It provides information about a data marker that represents a single data point or value that originates from a worksheet cell

A control commonly used to allow a user to select a value from a large list is the:

To close the active window. use the function key

Which statement is used to get the data for processing?

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