ITI COPA Online Mix MCQ Test Set 6

ITI COPA online MCQ Mock Test Mix Question Answer for CBT Examination According to Latest CTS DGT Syllabus 2023 Online Mock Test MCQ. In This Sets Most Important Questions Collection for CBT Exam.

COPA Mock Test Set 6

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_______is a record of small value purchases before they are transferred to the ledger

Which is a valid statement for declaring a variable?

_______ function Returns all the characters in the input string in uppercase

what is the extension of the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file?

which dialog box is used to take the user's consent on any option?

It is a customized presentation of the data from one or more tables from a database

In Tally, which key is used for the receipt voucher

Saving the presentation to a new name

which symbol indicates the straightforward computation assignment operation?

extension Where a presentation that will always open as a slide show presentation

To convert the keyboard extend selection mode, you will press the Function key

what is the full form of B2B?

Which is an example of Visual Basic Objects?

saving the presentation while working on a slide

In an online Marketplace, transactions are Processed by

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COPA Mix MCQ Mock Test