COPA Networking, Internet, and Web Designing MCQ

Networking Internet & Web Designing for ITI COPA is an important chapter from this chapter one or two questions are asked in every CBT Exams all these questions we have taken from previous question papers and also bring collection of important questions all questions on latest syllabus based which is very important question for NCVT Online Exam

Networking, Internet, and Web Designing

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which company developed the QuickTime movie format

What is the most commonly used file name for the main page of a www site?

web pages are of the following types

which of the following topology is least affected by the addition or removal of a node?

what is the full form of LAN?

which of the following is not an example of the common top-level domain?

what is the full form of HTML?

which of the following networking solution is suitable for networking in a building?

The following is not a window email program.

What is the full form of NSP?

What is the full form of ISP?

What is the full form of NFS?

what is another term for web publishing?

The data transfer rate for LAN is normally

HTML files have the extension of?

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COPA Chapter Wise MCQ Mock Test

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