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NCVT MIS ITI Online COPA MCQ mock Test of chapter Introduction to Visual Basic for Application most Important Question and Answer for CBT Examination All questions according to latest Syllabus of NSQF Level – 4

Introduction to Visual Basic for Application

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In the VBA, IDE is:

Which is an example of Visual Basic Objects?

In the Visual Basic for Applications, RAD stands for

Setting the Selectedlndex property of a ListBox to -1 will:

Which of the following is not part of the IDE:

Which is not a common control event?

In the VBA, controls are:

Which is not an integer data type?

In which year vb 6.0 version was launched

Which are the standard prefixes for the text box and label controls respectively?

Select the event

To run an application in Visual Basic:

A control commonly used to allow a user to select a value from a large list is the:

Which is a valid statement for declaring a variable?

Event-driven languages are:

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