ITI COPA Introduction to JAVAScript MCQ

ITI COPA Introduction to JAVAScript Online MCQ mock Test for ITI CBT Examination most important Question collection for COPA Trade.

Introduction to JAVAScript

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The raw material for an algorithm is known as

what is meant by a gigantic collection of millions of computers?

Product transistion deals with

Which statement is used to get the data for processing?

A JavaScript language attribute should be:

which symbol indicates the straightforward computation assignment operation?

which symbol indicates the point at which the algorithm begins or terminates?

which dialog box is used to take the user's consent on any option?

which of the following variable names are valid

which statement is used to exit a loop early

which statement is used to immediately start the next iteration of the loop and skip the remaining code block?

which machines are used to connect to those services on the internet?

The main emphasis is on identifying 'what is needed from the system and how the system will achieve its goals'. What is it?

what is the full form of ISP?

which variables can be defined within a function in your code?

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