ITI COPA MS PowerPoint MCQ Mock Test

Alphabetical questions related to Microsoft PowerPoint for ITI Copa come, in these questions, how will you add a slide, how to remove it, save the light, etc. type of questions have been asked, here we have brought a collection of all those questions for you, which are important for ITI CBT. very important for the exam all questions are based on the latest NIMI pattern

Electronic Presentations: MS PowerPoint

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To Exit the excel window, use function key

To change the cell reference C4:C9 to an absolute row and column reference, you would enter it as

Excel can display up to _______ fields of a data form

_______ function Returns all the characters in the input string in uppercase

The total size of the Excel worksheet is

The intersection of a row and column is called

In order to tell Excel that you are entering a formula in a Cell you must begin the entry with an operator such as

To insert a worksheet use the function key

_______ function Returns all the characters in the input string in lowercase

To convert the keyboard extend selection mode, you will press the Function key

In excel the intersection of a row and a column is called a

To close the active window. use the function key

Ranges can be selected using the function key

It provides information about a data marker that represents a single data point or value that originates from a worksheet cell

The base area of XY plane in a 3D chart is known as

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