ITI COPA Electronic Commerce MCQ Mock Test

NCVT MIS ITI Online COPA Trade Chapter Electronic Commerce Online MCQ Mock Test for ITI CBT Examination. According to the Latest NSQF – Level 4 Pattern most Important Question and Answer Collection for ITI CBT Examination.

Electronic Commerce

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what is the size of the payment cards?

what is the full form of B2B?

In an online Marketplace, transactions are Processed by

The potential period of loan to a card holder is ______ days

which term is given to trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the internet?

which cards have a mandatory value is stored on the card

Which E-Commerce software requires initial one time purchase investment of licensing fees?

what is the area of the web store called that is accessed by visitor to get the online shop?

What is the full form of C2B?

what occurs when a company organisation, or group sends its bills over the internet, and customers pay the bills electronically?

which cards cannot be used for cash withdrawal?

which E-Commerce software is a free of charge platform that does not simply licence fee

what is the full form of BSP?

which software allow online shopping to customer to accumulate a list of item for purchase as "at to cart"?

what is the full form of CRM?

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COPA Chapter Wise MCQ Mock Test

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