ITI COPA Word Processing: MS Word Mock test

Microsoft Word for ITI Copa is an important chapter, under this we will solve the latest ITI Computer Base exam questions which are frequently asked in the exam. Very important for the trade and the collection of questions is very important through the exam which is based on the latest NIMI pattern

Word Processing: MS Word

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Times New Roman is a __________ type of typeface

It is the horizontal position of the text within the width of a line or between tab stops

while inserting the field name into the master document, Microsoft word enclosed each field name in

To Select text one character right press

you can re-use and re-arrange text in your word document with the _________feature

This character is used to search any Single character

When you create Autotext and Autocorrect entries, they are stored in a template document name as

It is a number, figure, symbol, or indicator that appears smaller than the normal line type and is set slightly above it.

when you select the replace option on the edit menu, the dialogue box, which appears is called as

It is the way text appears on the page

This character is used to search any number of characters

Using Microsoft Word's find and replace feature you can replace

A clipboard is a temporary storage used to store

To select text at the end of the line press

it is a concept in which you can type continually without pressing the enter key at the end of a line because the word processor automatically wraps text from one line to next

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