ITI COPA Electronic Spreadsheets: MS Excel MCQ Quiz

Microsoft Excel is an important chapter for Copa Trade, in this chapter, we will solve all the questions related to how to apply formulas in excel, where we will solve them through multiple choice questions, which is very important for ITI CBT Exam. This mock test is based on the latest NIMI pattern

Electronic Spreadsheets: MS Excel

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The intersection of a row and column is called

_______ function Returns all the characters in the input string in uppercase

In excel the intersection of a row and a column is called a

Ranges can be selected using the function key

To convert the keyboard extend selection mode, you will press the Function key

_______ function Returns all the characters in the input string in lowercase

To Exit the excel window, use function key

The total size of the Excel worksheet is

To close the active window. use the function key

The base area of XY plane in a 3D chart is known as

In order to tell Excel that you are entering a formula in a Cell you must begin the entry with an operator such as

To change the cell reference C4:C9 to an absolute row and column reference, you would enter it as

It provides information about a data marker that represents a single data point or value that originates from a worksheet cell

Excel can display up to _______ fields of a data form

To insert a worksheet use the function key

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