ITI COPA Smart Accounting Using Software MCQs

ITI COPA Most Important Chapter Smart Accounting using Software chapter Important Question and Answer Collection for ITI COPA CBT Examination According To latest NSQF-4 Syllabus online MCQ mock Test

Smart Accounting Using Software

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In the Tally voucher screen, to delete an existing voucher, press

In double entry to increase an asset, you ________it

separate books are maintained for cash receivables and payables in

Is huge business, management is comprised of?

In Tally which key is used for the Contra voucher

In Tally which key is used for configuration?

who is known as the father of modern accounting

_______ is a formal and chronological record of financial transactions before their values are accounted for in the general ledger.

_______is a record of small value purchases before they are transferred to the ledger

The internal users of an organization are

In the voucher screen, to create a new ledger, press

In the Tally voucher screen, recalls the last narration, by pressing

In Tally, which key is used for the receipt voucher

In Tally, Which key is used for the Purchase Voucher?

In real account whatever comes in is

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