ITI COPA Windows 7 OS Mock Test

ITI COPA Windows 7 operating System MCQ mock Test for CBT Examination COPA CBT Mock Test most Important Questions According To latest Syllabus NIMI Mock test of NSQF level 4

Windows 7: Operating System

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the button brings down the active window to the Taskbar

The _________ is the long horizontal bar at the bottom of your screen.

It allow you to resize the open window to make reviewing and comparing easier

simply scroll the mouse over the Taskbar icons and a thumbnail preview of the open window will be appear

the tall page layout is known as

The main screen area that you see after you turn on your computer

a process to move an item on the screen by selecting the item and then pressing and holding down the mouse button while moving the mouse

choose this option to print on both sides of the paper

which screen area do you see after you turn on your computer and log on to Windows?

it allows you to resize open Windows to make reviewing and comparing easier

A list that populates automatically to include the programs and files that you use most often

it is a collection of terms, such as file and folder assembled from various locations

when you select a single window and jerk it fast on the screen it close all the other window

The _______ button opens the start menu.

an action on an icon starts or opens the item it represents

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